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The Truant EP

by John Hospital

Shades 05:42
Done 06:32
Robort 04:51
Serenade 05:46


Released in 2009 on Pest Control Records, the label set up by now DABJ man Kenny Wasp. Solo effort by one half of Glasgow's Dirty Hospital, inspired by all kinds of carry on in the city in the glory days of Monox, the Smut Hut et al.

The stunning press release from the time read like so...

Many years ago, whilst some of us were preparing to take our first tentative steps into the world of gainful employment, John Hospital (known then as 'John Disco') busied himself in front of his full length mirror armed with his trusty Slazenger Type 2 Junior Series, perfecting the now-famous 'narrowed-eyes/bottom-lip-bite' combo, an iconic look which helped propel him to the middle of the regional pop charts during the mid 90s, enjoying moderate success in Eastern Europe as well as some minor Asian provinces.

But since those heady days, the spandex catsuits have been hung up and replaced by
mustard-coloured Farah slacks and comfy shoes, the flowing peroxide perm is now a sensible crop, and the nightly consumption of vast quantities of illegal drugs has now been restricted to every other weekend. Until recently, John had been scratching out an existence churning out banal dance music covers for the ringtone market, and playing washboard in a local skiffle group.

But some things never change, the lure of the stage and the thrill of the roaring crowd proved too strong to resist. Knowing his time was limited, John knew he had to act fast if he was ever to rekindle that flame. His star would shine again...

Drawing upon every ounce of his creative ability, and borrowing whatever was needed to fill in the gaps, Hospital applied himself to the task of producing the opus work that would thrust him back into the limelight, beseeching the masses to once more embrace his outpourings, offering up his addled oeuvre for their gluttonous consumption.

All that work has now come to earthly fruition in the form of the 'Truant EP', an unreseveredly stark glimpse into the weathered soul of a man who has known more good times and bad than many of us would ever care to dream of.


released November 15, 2009

Released 2009 by Pest Control Records


all rights reserved



Rottenrow Glasgow, UK

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